Luis. 23. México.

“Always do what you want and say what you feel,
because those who mind doesn't matter,
and those who matter don't mind”
-Dr. Seuss

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Contact 1 (2004)Isaque Pinheiro
Grayson #1 (2014)

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can i just live in space now?

technically we all live in space


Kailashnath Temple

What’s most amazing about the Kailashnath Temple is that it’s carved out of one single rock. Carvers started at the top and excavated downward, exhuming the temple out of the existing rock. The traditional methods were rigidly followed by the master architect, which could not have been achieved by excavating from the front.” [via]

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Lymantriid Moth (Leucoma sp., Lymantriinae, Erebidae)

by Sinobug (itchydogimages) on Flickr.
Pu’er, Yunnan, China

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Gravity map of the Moon, as measured by NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) during the primary mapping mission from March to May 2012. (NASA)